Monday, 24 August 2009

The 24th Omen turned Allergy...

Its very weird how we develop allergies in life, biologically and humanly.Like I can't relish mushrooms, as the rest of the world. And I don't get it when my friends mention, its amazing!

So now we hear a lot of allergies around. Ranging from dust to sound (pollution). Eggs, yes, my cousins born and brought up in the Arab countries cannot eat them but they definitely hog a complete chicken. Surprising as the source does not seem to trouble them at all.But when you begin to ask them the reason behind these allergies, one would notice it is beyond the present physical factor. If Freud would have been alive I bet he would have proclaimed,"ITS ALL ABOUT THE MIND"!

Now for once I totally believe this. I'm a living walking, talking, writing, thinking social animal. Apart from mushrooms, I hate the 24ths of every month. Its stupid, weird, absurd... I know. The reason being, I realised all the damn truths about life on that day at one go- the 24th. Rather, I was forced to face without choice, the stark truth of life- NOTHING REMAINS CONSTANT AND FOREVER!

All of 20 years at this 21st century,was I exposed to this reality too early or late I'm not sure. But for definite I know, I began hating this date. It was like a reminder calender. Always reminding me what I lost, wouldn't what to lie what I gained as well and how long has it been since I have been living with this.

As though attached to it came a lot more allergies just like extended strings. I hate the rains, the lilies, jasmine, roses...they all give me a headache whenever I'm around them.OR,

"Do I really have headaches"? I'm not sure, but I know I do feel like a headache, which is of the possibility that either I think I have one or I really have one. It is quite difficult to tell the difference. But I do... but do I?

Ironically, I'm writing this on a 24th@0100hrs with no sleep. Today for sure when I wake up...I'm gonna have a headache. Like I said, I land up with headaches on the 24th's. An omen turned allergy!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Rain... and when she came

Yesterday, it rained like no other day. Apart, from the normal social human beings, I particularly don't enjoy the rainy seasons. The very thought of it fills my mind with images of muck, overflowing drainage, wet clothes and flu. All the above and the rest make a rather unpleasant mindset towards this season.

I have never really captured the relation between rains and romance. The sultry wet weather to that of love and in its making. Often has made me wonder why do they film lovers in the rain, with dresses (all in white, especially the female lead) singing song without a hiss of the rain. "It's a dream romantic sequence, you fool!, says my friend and I, as usual remain silence.

But yesterday when it rained, I was not in a great mood. I was in midst of an intense mobile talk trying to sort out an issue. And then I heard the breeze, grew stronger and the wind came. And suddenly she came. It sounded like the arrival of a thousand chariots galloping on a battle field to conquer and to win. The sound was roaring and deafening.

What is she, I asked myself? And I went to look up to her how she looks. And there I got a glimpse of her, rather glimpses. Under the bright orange street lamp she feel gracefully down almost like falling into some body's wide open arms. As though someone was obstructing her way, she cut through the hard earth, made the soil melt and found her way right into the heart of the earth.

She made the kids dance to her tune as she fell in rhythm and rhymes between their tiny figures and toes. The infant on the other side was overjoyed when she sprinkled herself upon her, wanting her more. I heard a man abuse and cursing her but she roared back voicing her thunder, he fled for his life. I strained my ears to hear her more but was surprised to hear how faint she sounded, as she dripped pass my fingers.

She was the rain... loud, gregarious but at the same time was a soft tiny drop. So tender yet strong. So light yet heavy, so demanding yet obliging. Suddenly a faint breeze rubbed against my face, leaving few drops on my face.Ah! She read my mind and after a long time I smiled. She smiled too knowing that she won a soulless heart! That I got to know the next morning.

Today when I woke, I ran out opened the door wanting to see her again. But was met by my old friend the Sun and his fashionably designed friends blue sky and his out of shape team of clouds."I loved it, I said". "No way", he said. "You never love her, the rain"? and "when did this exactly happen", he asked. And I said,
"Yesterday, the rain...when she came".

Thursday, 30 July 2009

The Hyderabadi pilla...

FB is an amazing time-pass, so says the rest of the world and I agree. And it's A+ kind of quizzes is just dumbly amazing. Off lately there has been a lot really challenging (Ya, Right!) quizzes like, "Are you a true Malayalee?", "Are you a true Piscean?" or "Are you a true Hyderabadi"?.

I saw a couple of my friends take the last quiz and a lot of them did earn the TRUE HYDERABADI TITLE. But there is none like this one person who can beat the record of a real true Hyderabadi.

I call her the Hyderabadi Pilla (H Pilla)- meaning Hyderabadi Girl! She is one easy going, no sweat kind of girl. I have hardly seen any tension on her face. If at all there were any, it would have been noticed in a word, sigh or mostly gone unnoticed. That's her level of expression. It's strange that a person like me who mentally-documents all incidents, missed on how the HPilla came into our lives. It's my shame!

Moving on, she's a talent in herself. It's amazing how she works her way from accounts and to running a radio show. Too much I say for a 24 yr old girl/woman. She is the youngest of us all, but has the most mature head/mind. She flows very easily just like the cloud dancing to the tune and wave of the breeze.

As a cloud and never knowing what's on her mind. HPilla is like the sweetest element of the 3 of us. Probably, when Hari and me argue, she is like the referee. Not that we have hard hitting arguments, but she is just like the boat radar, balancing the two of us.

Her smile is one of the most reassuring aspect about her. You need to be around her, you'll feel all is well.Like some kind of peaceful karma she possesses. Even if she were to be caught by the Principal or bunked any class, she would have that smile assuring you-take a chance buddy! All will be cool.

Now that's what a typical Hyderabadi is all about- Laid back and cool! I'm sure there are issues and worries in her life, but she makes it sound like some kind of a silly joke. Have I seen her tense, moody or worried? Rarely! And she is ought there to help, anytime! She is one hell of a woman.

My Hyderabadi Pilla, a veg-turned-non-veg social being, but most of all one of the best assets, I have forever cherished to possess. I owe her my life and I'm immensely proud of her.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Question+Answers= Students Ni8mare@lecturers insanity quotient

While sitting on the desk as a student and probably hearing the lecture, I often imagined how do these lecturers correct our almost non-legible-sense papers.And today while I sit on the desk as a lecturer distributing corrected answer scripts, I say- "Gosh,I feel like God!".

While you see each of the student's tension as how did they fare the exams, an emotion of sadism is indefinitely prominent. There is some kind of power you feel. It's like you are holding these petrified souls by their throat, knowing the fact that a single digit can make a hell out of heaven or the vice-verse. That's why I hate numbers. They decide everything, from your age to weight to grades on your certificate and hence the pressure to perform, so claims the world!

Now listen to the exodus I walked through while correcting these answer scripts. There were quite a many storms I faced. Most of it was the storm of alphabets being wiped out in front of my eyes. I had to gouge out my owl like eyes to read what they have written. So therefore I was doubting whether I was growing blind but then I realised they just could not differentiate between the alphabet's 'S'& 'A', which are next to each other on every possible keyboard.

Talking of computers, they have made us lazy. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V/X has made our life so much easy and influential that I saw their traits on these answer scripts. How? For 2 different questions, this student ended up writing the same answer. Now the same thought, but the poor chap did take the effort of writing it again.Feeling compassionate I gave him grace marks. At this level I had already lost on my eyes and my thinking abilities.

The worst nightmare was definitions. They not only changed the entire meaning of it but also the person who penned it. May his/her soul rest in peace! I say this because they have re-christened their names that probably would have resurrected those great thinkers from the grave.Hmmm!

My students did comment that the question paper was a little confusing and tough. Well, that's a practical truth I thought. No matter how much you study, one does go blank out while seeing the paper and while receiving marks, sooner or later.

The journey of teaching is physically, mentally and emotionally stressful. And correcting papers is even more. The reason being if you correct strictly your students may fail, you correct leniently, your students will take you for a ride. If your students fail, as a teacher you will be held responsible. At both sides I am at the receiving end.

For a minute I think I'm God the very next a helpless sheep. Truly this journey of Q+A is definitely a nightmare for both the parties.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Foffcorn Drawing- An Anatomy of lead & white paper

Foffcorn, yes you read it right!Foffcorn, when you're normal you call it Popcorn. But here, let me introduce you to one such walking, talking, dancing, movie buff and ever committing sinner with her extensive indulgence in ice-creams.

After living out a humorous exodus under the guidance of the metrosexual chimp,who assumed foffcorn to be rather smart for his chimp ways, foffcorn takes to dance away to the very happy and "GAY", dancer of the times. Very well the God of dancing blessed her with a platform of dancing, where she missed on one of her lamps. Not to bother but foffcorn braced the scorn and danced her way to glory. And the sweet result being that she is now on a high about her dancing the hidden version of shaking (successfully) hip-a-leg along with Jumbo's mushroom competitor and Harry Potter's most faithful South Indian Thali disciple.

Too much for a 5'4" foffcorn that while she shakes her leg probably her hands tickled their way out saying," We too want to stretch like the leg". Now Foffcorn dutifully listens out of concentration and decided that it's time to get the free hands to work and so commences the second chapter of Foffcorn's life..." A dash with the Drawing Classes".

The very wonderful, skillful, artistic black leads on the white paper ground you see, is Foffcorn's. Now, I confess she has taken me by surprise.Her first sketch of the tree in between the water and the house on the rather extreme and right in between the boat. So much like her, she always finds her way out through diplomacy and is ever ready to jump... I wonder what must have been on her mind when she sketched the river.
The backless Elephant- The title of the second pic. Apparently, she couldn't figure/imagine how the back of the Elephant would be and a smart way of cover up. She drew the elephant from the front view. Now when the front is visible who really cares about the backside. Ahem!Smart woman. You sure hit the back while aiming the front. Sounds like the mantra of business.

The Blooming Nameless Flower- Foffcorn pretty much got the shape of the petals, leaves, the vase is visible from the head. And here to a very frontal view focus. Only to mention that her gaze is what's right in front of her eye. Only that I can't figure out whether it's a close up of a lily or jasmine or rose. So I name it nameless.

The SINGLE bird- Honestly, I'm unaware of the gender and specie of the bird. As these two factors matter a lot while analysing it,thus raising a very subjective point of view. Therefore I invite you to think freely with or without objectivity.

The almost PERFECT One- Awww! it's a DOG!!!! The perfect one. You know it's a dog and it's a lab. What a wonder. After 5 practices, Foffcorn gets the image of man's most faithful friend's image aptly. What else one needs, when you have a friend. Applaud! Applaud! the new artist of the vicinity.... FOFFCORN.

What a wonder! An amatuer takes on the lead & white paper only to be re-discovered as the born artist.( And audience claps! claps! claps!). On a second glance, again the Dog's picture is a front close up view. Hmmm!! hang on... Did Foffcorn imagine MJ while drawing the PERFECT ONE, seems to have a unique gifted nose... ( Go Check Back).

Hail Foffcorn! Hail the artist! Leonardo are you listening... you have a daughter here!!!

She calls me... "My Gurl"....

Agreed that I'm a little beyond the more philosophical kind who is always trying to find, analyse and reason out the meaning of life. I admit it, unlike the rest who think are not the philosophical kinds, but lemme tell you! If you are still breathing, you are a philosopher!

And so here I go again talking about the one of the many few people in my life, who perennially calls me a "looser". Also thinks that my faith in God is a little way too much, so much that she has begun swearing, "Sweet Jesus"! Let me be clear, I don't preach just practise the preaching!

Anyways, moving on... I've known her for more than seven years and even now I keep thinking, "Gosh! this girl is something else". She has and is one of the best gifts life has bestowed upon me,to whom I'd be eternally grateful. Anyone who meets her the first time cannot miss her eyes. She has one of the most loveliest eyes, giving away the impression of innocence and communicate non-verbally a rebuke! A perfect example of," If only eyes could speak!".

Unlike her eyes talking, she doesn't actually do the talking. Probably will never talk what's in and on her mind or heart. Having walked and talked with her, there is something that remains so mysterious about her, which is, what's exactly that she wants in her life? Exceptionally talented so much that I'm totally in awe of her. Sad that people around her don't see it, so much so that even she isn't aware of how talented she is.

She is passionate,impulsive & beautiful-a heady combination and a perfect blend of the 21st century independent working woman. Yet, deep down she still remains that child, that girl who wants to be set free like a bird. Where she could spread her wings and fly away into the blue skies, gently float into the rhythm of the breeze and bask away lazily on the green grasses.

That's what I hear in her silence and words. That's what I feel when she is mad and angry. That's what I see her struggling through to make a mark in this BIG world. Immensely strong and subtle at the same time. The way she held me by the hand, stood by my side that rainy day! Six years passed and still she does the same, holds me firmly by her hand. Her heart is a big as the mighty ocean, yet is always in a turmoil of emotions, eclipsing and engulfing the rough tides of life. "Life is bloody unfair, My Gurl!", she often comments and I have to, but agree.

My Gurl! that's what she calls me. It's funny to hear her call out my name. And I prefer her calling me... "My Gurl" and that's what I want to be. I know life has been harsh on her and she has not really got what she deserved. Nevertheless, deep down in my heart, I know one day she will make it through and come out to be as a glittering green jade... the rarest of all stones in this world! For she is truly one of a kind.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Where is it that I want to go?
What is that I want to do?
Who is the one that I want to be with?
Who is the one that I want to be like?

What is that one thing that my eyes keep searching for?
What is that one aspect that I want to possess?
Why is that I search for light in the dark?
Why is that I keep searching for shinier stars in the night?

Why is that I'm at one time,
full of life and the other lifeless?
Why is that once I break into laughter?
The next I'm wiping my tears away?

Why is that I keep on mouthing words of prayer all day,
When I know the answers to it will come one day?
Why is that my thoughts run random?
Why is that I run away from attention?

Why is that I think twice when I have to confront?
Why is that my heart worries, so constant?
How is that I can think and feel, joy and sorrow at the same time,
And why is that I worry what people think about me.

Why is that I have to face break downs and failures?
Why is that my mind, heart and body have to be put to test?
Why is that I am discouraged and lifted high?
Why is that my heart and mind play against each other all the funny games?

Why is that all my life,
I keep asking everyone, Why?
Why is that I'm compared against the normal,
And complained that I'm not one? (What and who are they anyway?)

Why is that I can't be and think,
What may be good for me and what is not?
Why is that I have to learn to abide by the rules,
that everyone hates to follow, but most of them do?

Why is that I have no words,
to describe what's the why bothering me?
But I can feel and see where and how it bothers me?
Why, What, Where, Who and How are the words that maketh my life... can't help but still ask WHY?

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I'd like to

I'd like to wake up one dawn and watch the sun rise,

Feel the cool breeze pass through my hands,

And listen to the song of the birds,

Flying pass the blue skies.

I'd like to wake up to the music of the soul,

Where my thoughts are as clear as water stream,

and my heart away from all doubts and grief,

Knowing that all around me is happy and well.

I'd like to wake up to a noiseless world,

where I have to not hear,

of loss, pain, struggle or fear.

And people living their lives and helping the world.

I'd like to close my eyes to the Dusk,

Believing tomorrow when I arise,

I'd see again the beautiful sunrise,

An thus complete my life with love and trust.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Cacophony Channels

Ever thought how much of noise is created when a person talks. Yes, I call the very human expression of talking noise. Why? The answer is that in a given span of time we talk and use words that does not relate to either the question asked or the situation even.

Try recollecting, when was the lastime you were asked,"why you dreaming"? and your answer was, NOTHING and then you stop and say... actually I was day dreaming? So the word nothing was unnecessary and to the question asked to you, the answer should have been just YES!

Well, to a person like me, who likes to get to the point this can get pretty annoying. Not that I am an exception to using words aptly but I hardly talk. But my point here is why do we have to talk out so many words at one given time just to make communication and understanding turn from complex to complicated, which by far are different by nature.

We try so hard to explain the most simple things and actions in life in so many words that the essence of the exact communication get's lost. And in today's world where we have many a medium of communication channels, we truly loose our mind, time and energy to it. I agree that these technologies have made our live's easy but complicated as well.

At one given time I communicate to this friend of mine via sms or chat or mail or facebook or orkut... I have so many options to reach a person. But at times I somehow feel lost. As much as communication channel's have made my life easy and more accessable with of course pre defined and illustrated expressions of hugs and kisses, nothing actually nothing can beat the joy of talking and meeting our loved ones face to face.

So where was I? Talking too many words or using too many communicative channels does affect our relationships. I'm not stating that you should never express your thoughts or feelings in words or stop being tech-saavy but in both cases know your limit and choice.

Too many words can mislead you and too many channels can bore you...just like how I have become tired of too many words...somehow has all turned to something I connote Cacophony Channels of communication, where there is present just noice and distortion but all sounding sweet,ezee,suave and God knows how in the world COOL!!!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Recession... thy alter ego is Goodness

Recession... is I guess the modern Depression Era and so has the year 2009 been upto now. Satyam crashed, IT companies fired staff and still are. Companies have taken on cost cutting like a holy shroud and are seen from under that.

There are no A/C's turned on at the hotels and lounges, says the newspapers. I hear chotu while watching a serial say,"Dee, there is not ghoda for the Dulhaa..., recession has hit the serials kyaaa... Hehehehehhehe.....!" Recession is apparently the most said,voiced,heard word of this centure probably beating Beatles,soccer,stock,Enrique, SRK, IPL etc...

Now,talking and taking this seriously out. Recession has come hard on some people's pocket and for other's straight their heart like a missile rocket.Most of them lost their jobs. I'm not sure how do I react to this, since I have my job, how do I respond to few of my friends who have lost. I'm not sure what I have to say when I pray... Thank you God, that I have a job or Please Lord My God! give my friend a job.. . One side I sound selfish, the other side its a petition.So I'm stuck...

Recession has left people frustrated, bad mouthed and almost choked. Every other person seems to be abusing more than the usual.I'm sure this emotional outbreak will give rise to new and even more number of new types of depressions. Tomorrow for sure is going to see a lot more diseases. So how do we react to it?

With lost and no jobs, outstanding amounts to pay, not getting the right life partner (oh! it has hit the marriage market as well as terrorist market..Jezz so says the newspapers) and has made cost of living ever costly. Probably, recession must be a chapter in each of our lives has a moral at the end... Probably, let's learn to
a) Accept realities- You have a job- stick to it, you don't accept and search for new ones.
b) Learn to breathe in & out-Accept your thought and emotions: Yes, you are angry,frustrated, nothing is materialising,there is a pressure from the highs of high. Just..Wait, Stop and Breathe. It does wonders for a simple person like me.Would do for you I'm guessing.
c) Talk it out- To your friends or to yourself. Get it out of your system.
Recession is an external force that has affected us in and out.You cannot run away from it. Face it with all the strength you have and for that you need to be clear and rational.
d) Do a favor, don't add on the pressure- by yelling it at your family or boss or your servant. Just because you are sad, you don't want to call yourself a sadist. Just because you have been unfortunate, you don't have any right to scream at the opposite person. Since he/she too is a victim of this recession...
e) What's my mistake? Why this to me? Well, I have no explanation to that. The only answer is that recession has made me think that we have really no much power on our lives, nor our loved one's. Therefore be honest, just, live each day as its your first and last.
d) Money is not all- Now I see people spending dinners cooking inside their homes and walking on Tank Bunds eating channa bataanaa.Its all coming back now, more than the lounge and the bar,Ghar,family and friends is the new mantraa.Set your priorities right. We can switch jobs but you cannot switch loved ones.
e) Hope: Today is not the day, tomorrow will bring. Never let the flame of hope blow away. Let it remain the eternal undying flame, 'coz buddy it truly is.

Of all the negative things, recession has re-taught me the basics of life and people are going back to God, sermons, conventions, family, arms of the loved one's. Wait, things if now are bad, will turn good. For once, I think recession has taught us quite a bit... It's called Goodness.

Monday, 20 April 2009

With Love 'n' reverence , I call....

A bond is build,
Within a span of a year or minute,
Here I write a story of one such relationship,
Which all started less than a second.

All it took was a phone call,
and the next day she landed at the door step,
A charming smile she had, the moment
one saw sure, they'd fall for her at one sight.

As warm her smile was so was her heart,
She came out to be the only one who understood my plight.
We rarely spoke of what troubled us both,
Lifting each other's spirit when we hit the dead end.

Hours turned to days,then to weeks,
Yet again we never spoke of what frustrated the both of us,
The only thing that got us together was our work place.
Then this whole new project happened.

All of a sudden we had to put our heads together,
Got to know she was as smarter and brighter,
She taught me patience and perseverance,
She also taught me to open my mouth and as for help.

It was fun, all those 2 months,
With the adventure of the driver and the esteem,
The running to movie hallways,all
Those road side food and night outs.

The time to say bye came,
Thought it came too soon,
Good things never last they say,
Did we cry when she said Bye,
We'd be lying if we said Nai.

But then, the story does not stop here,
Life has given us and me a great friend,
A great listener, with her wit,
get's back the sunshine of the day...
Her name... with love 'n' reverence I call her Chennai.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Dream... I'm next

To Live and to live are two different things. To live could be just to breathe, eat, sleep, work, marry, give birth to kids and then die. For me to live is to think rational, feel trust, have a purpose, believe in a dream that drives me till my deathbed.

To dream and to make it a reality is a mission every person must pursue. There is a purpose, a calling in every one's life. All it takes is to know it, realise, accept and chase for it. Well, I'd like to confess that the journey towards one's dream is never ever easy. It's a NARROW PATH.

The times will be ever testing, relationships will be affected, the world will call you mad, selfish, arrogant, rude, insane... and a lot of discouraging words. It takes that grit and determination to fight all these storms of words, looks and even years of disappointment.

The journey of one's DREAM is a walk often taken alone.You will be left at many bends of life doubting yourself, the other one within you will mock at you, spit at you, you will sometimes bow and believe those words and will eventually fall(fail). But get up! Your spirits will be broken and shattered, Get Up. You will think you are your own enemy, Get Up! You will see everything falling down, hear your dreams crumbling down, Get Up! You will see darkness and your life almost choking you.. Don't give up, Get Up! That's the only mantra or charm or litany that you must chant day in and out. Make it your prayer, your breath, your pulse, your heartbeat and your life. Make it the reason and purpose of your existence.

Dreams are never instant result giving. Out of experience, as I say and live,it is a long long long term investment which entirely depends on oneself on how we invest out time, hard work and most importantly the FAITH quotient.

No matter which year of struggle you are in, no matter what the other one says, no matter if the people think you are looser, keep striving,praying and working. The dream will eventually materialise.

To dream your vision and work towards should become the opium of your life. People who dreamt were a curse to their society but that same society applauded them for the result of their dream. From every socialist to a poet thinker to a politician and actor... to live life according to one's dream was the motto and for some it is.
Awake that dream within you and live. Just don't live to exist. Live to fight, live to dream and make your dream come true.

Aristotle,Socrates, Plato, Leonardo, Michael Angelo, Einstein, Edison, Curie, Gandhiji, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela,Ambani, Kalaam, SRK Dhoni, Obama... were and are those who dreamt.. I see my name next. Do you have the grit to pen yours?

Saturday, 18 April 2009

A world in its world and within that world...

When we were born, the whole world was staring and talking to us in some language that we for sure never understood. And the case remains the same pretty much when we all die. How? Just read...

The world gives us a name,
with that they make us tame,

They tell us when to laugh and when not to cry.

They again tell us when to talk and when not to talk.

Even before we understand what is schooling,

We are busy rhyme reading and number rattling,Then they ask, what we want to become, even before I saya word,

the world says an Engineer.... (well..... puking the truth...)

Now God knows what is that... that sounds Big.. is what we think...

And so , we cram up between subjects and friends and then also the world decides who should be my friend and who not (All for good... I never understood how can it be good when we talk bad and keep a distance from what the world says.. they are bad!)

And still the world keeps rattling... Then I become an Engineer, as the world wished. Thus making this world my world.

Oh! then I figure there is a World talking to me they are so glamorous and colorful and then there is other world (aww... my God), this world just talks loud... We hear gunshots, people yelling and crying in loss and poverty.. and then there is another world, yet another world and... I Scream!!! WAIT!!! How many worlds are there and to how many do I see, hear and can or do I even care????

And people of the world are still talking in a language that I don't get it................

So we actually live for the world.. or are we the world living in a world within the world..

So damn.. where the hell is my world......

You who are reading this, do you understand what I want to understand.. or do you not understand or you dont want to understand????

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Orkut'n' Facebook... 'A new reach and read me'

So, Face book is the (present) old wine in a new skin totally... Oh! well, don't get me wrong. It is a good community. Actually way better than orkut, I totally agree.
FB(as they call) has a variety of quizzes and sites within it and comes out with many more in a day's span.
What amuses me... is the message status. The way people express the state of mind and heart.
Sometimes they are funny, some thought provoking, some just time pass, some just blah blah. And you have an option to like/unlike and comment to their response.
5 years down the lane did I ever see this happen. You just write what you are thinking and living and your friends read and within a few seconds there is a reply. The speed at which the present world's communication works, is a superlative to awesome(if there is any...).
Another amazing truth of FB... you can find anyone and everyone...
I was so happy to find my long last school friends... Well some in Hyd, some really out of Hyd.
Well, i guess every person who must have discovered their friends would agree with me... I have often told myself.. Internet is good... is good... when U get to meet them... especially orkut and FB.
I bet the owners must be earning millions...But then definitely they have given me back more than what money can ever buy....
A free, faster way of to reach and keep in touch, I totally Love it..
Apart from all the quiz's that FB has... some are sensible.... the rest like I say... NO COMMENTS

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Degree of emotion- Part II

I've often wondered why does God web in people of similar traits into my life. Firslty, I believe in God. Secondly I'm not complaining about the wonderful people I presently am wondering about.
The trait being to talk. The simple 4 letter word. I have often thought, contemplated, talked over a million seconds to each of them and have not yet succeeded. Be it family or friend... None will talk about the talk... Just like any human being a assume
a) I'm not too close to them (sounds childish)
b) Probably I'm not giving enough space and time (thats what I usually think)
c) Probably I'm not a great listener
d) Probably I'm not the right person he/she should be sharing her problems with....
e) Im mad and so are my thoughts!
But then I realise, when Im in some deep shit... whom do i actually approach. Well, Im a little better off from all of them. I will call and will talk about everthing else except what is actually worrying me....
hahahahahah! am I better than them or slightly worst.
But since I love them, I dont usually give up. With some I land up fighting and with most of them I land up saying, " FORGET IT". Those are my favourite words.( Swthrt, u will swear on these two words)

And still I try to figure out no matter how close we are, no matter how many moments and years we have spent togther, grown in and out, laughed and fought together and swear that we are the closest buddies and that we cannot live without the other, yet we keep our problems to ourselves...

Im not sure how far any person can talk out whatever is there in their heart. Even me for that matter... Are we scared or do we think it weakens us...
Oh! man the degree of this emotion can never be decoded....


I Wish if only...
I had the time to clearly think,
I had the time to blink.
I had the time to slowly walk,
I had the time to openly talk.

I Wish if only...
I had the time to listen,
I had the time to just whistle.
I had the time to write,
And to decide what is right.

I wish if only...
I had the time to realise I was wrong,
I had the time to realise I did not stand strong.
I wish I had the time to say a lot of them I'm sorry,
I wish I had the time to stop and say, Buddy! Don't Worry!

I Wish if only...
I had the time to know when I was happy,
I had the time to stop gathering all the world's money.
I had the time to say good bye for ever,
I had the time to realise some things remain never.

I wish if only...
I had the time to take a U turn,
and undo the mistakes that I have done.
I had the time to tell today and now,
How much I owe to the one's who love me & I love.

I wish if only...
I had the Time to sit and plan,
And not chase dreams like a headless swan.
I had the time to go on a Holiday,
sometime alone and sometimes faraway.

I wish if only...
I had the time and all the answers
of heart break, jealousy and the mystery to understand death
Even death has a time,
Oh! brother... if only there was time... time..
that which waits for none..

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Never Forever

Life is mysterious,
So have written many poets.
From Birth to Death,
is all, but a play of Time and Breath.

First comes day and then night,
With it comes second, minute and endless hours.
All becoming a web full of life,
with voices of people alive.

They are so real,
So much that we all dwell,
we love and care,
during their times of happiness, love and despair.

Love! Oh! We Live for Love
Breathe for and in Love
Hold hands in Love
Sing for Love
Cry even for and in Love

so much power has this love
Once it makes you fly as a dove
Next it breaks your heart
and questions your very existence on this earth.

Love and Life, Life and Love
one cannot live without the other
But it is mere mortal who can never gather,
That in one's lifetime...
Love and Life both are never forever

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Never Mind World- Degree of my emotion

Why would I quote my heading, "Never Mind World", a statement used in innumerable situations mixed with God knows what degree of emotion. Do I sound tired, disgusted and fed up with this world I live in.... Neither Agree nor Disagree.

Now do I sound stupid and do you see my writing like a headless chicken running hither and thither... So what are you getting at Deeps?

Well there are a lot if Never Minds I would like to state(rather confess) from the time I can recall listening to this..It goes like this...i wont number them as it may just go on... Its a confession remember

Never Mind Child you can walk
Never Mind Child if you can't talk
Never Mind Child if you can't run (I was a really chubby and healthy kid, you see)
Never Mind Child if you have not won (I was bad in sports)

Never Mind Child if you have failed (I was miserable in Maths... Scared the shit out of me.. even now)
Never Mind Child if they call you a dud (I was big time)
Never Mind Child if they you are not into MPC
Never Mind Child you don't get an MNC vacancy (I proved them all wrong... I did)

Never mind Child, if you have lost the person you LOVE
Never mind Child, one day you will again find LOVE (Never have understood this though!)
Never mind Child, one day you will not fail and never make a mistake(Oh! common stop kidding'...then I'd say)
Never mind Child, if you are a GIRL (I've heard enough and more of this!)

Never mind Child, if you, if you.... and so the list goes on....

Actually the degree of my emotion is negative... Even though the lines may sound positive and hopeful they are not. For there is always the other one who is better than me...
I don't believe it. Coz there is none like me. Am I pacifying myself?

You could say that... But that's the truth. The Bible says... We are all unique... and made in the image and etc....I'm not preaching, but there is a certain amount of truth in these words you know.

Oh! For Christ Sakes... Our finger prints are not the same neither is our DNA... Then why this situation...why do i need to be better than him or her or some aunty's son or daughter...
that's when I say....