Monday, 24 August 2009

The 24th Omen turned Allergy...

Its very weird how we develop allergies in life, biologically and humanly.Like I can't relish mushrooms, as the rest of the world. And I don't get it when my friends mention, its amazing!

So now we hear a lot of allergies around. Ranging from dust to sound (pollution). Eggs, yes, my cousins born and brought up in the Arab countries cannot eat them but they definitely hog a complete chicken. Surprising as the source does not seem to trouble them at all.But when you begin to ask them the reason behind these allergies, one would notice it is beyond the present physical factor. If Freud would have been alive I bet he would have proclaimed,"ITS ALL ABOUT THE MIND"!

Now for once I totally believe this. I'm a living walking, talking, writing, thinking social animal. Apart from mushrooms, I hate the 24ths of every month. Its stupid, weird, absurd... I know. The reason being, I realised all the damn truths about life on that day at one go- the 24th. Rather, I was forced to face without choice, the stark truth of life- NOTHING REMAINS CONSTANT AND FOREVER!

All of 20 years at this 21st century,was I exposed to this reality too early or late I'm not sure. But for definite I know, I began hating this date. It was like a reminder calender. Always reminding me what I lost, wouldn't what to lie what I gained as well and how long has it been since I have been living with this.

As though attached to it came a lot more allergies just like extended strings. I hate the rains, the lilies, jasmine, roses...they all give me a headache whenever I'm around them.OR,

"Do I really have headaches"? I'm not sure, but I know I do feel like a headache, which is of the possibility that either I think I have one or I really have one. It is quite difficult to tell the difference. But I do... but do I?

Ironically, I'm writing this on a 24th@0100hrs with no sleep. Today for sure when I wake up...I'm gonna have a headache. Like I said, I land up with headaches on the 24th's. An omen turned allergy!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Rain... and when she came

Yesterday, it rained like no other day. Apart, from the normal social human beings, I particularly don't enjoy the rainy seasons. The very thought of it fills my mind with images of muck, overflowing drainage, wet clothes and flu. All the above and the rest make a rather unpleasant mindset towards this season.

I have never really captured the relation between rains and romance. The sultry wet weather to that of love and in its making. Often has made me wonder why do they film lovers in the rain, with dresses (all in white, especially the female lead) singing song without a hiss of the rain. "It's a dream romantic sequence, you fool!, says my friend and I, as usual remain silence.

But yesterday when it rained, I was not in a great mood. I was in midst of an intense mobile talk trying to sort out an issue. And then I heard the breeze, grew stronger and the wind came. And suddenly she came. It sounded like the arrival of a thousand chariots galloping on a battle field to conquer and to win. The sound was roaring and deafening.

What is she, I asked myself? And I went to look up to her how she looks. And there I got a glimpse of her, rather glimpses. Under the bright orange street lamp she feel gracefully down almost like falling into some body's wide open arms. As though someone was obstructing her way, she cut through the hard earth, made the soil melt and found her way right into the heart of the earth.

She made the kids dance to her tune as she fell in rhythm and rhymes between their tiny figures and toes. The infant on the other side was overjoyed when she sprinkled herself upon her, wanting her more. I heard a man abuse and cursing her but she roared back voicing her thunder, he fled for his life. I strained my ears to hear her more but was surprised to hear how faint she sounded, as she dripped pass my fingers.

She was the rain... loud, gregarious but at the same time was a soft tiny drop. So tender yet strong. So light yet heavy, so demanding yet obliging. Suddenly a faint breeze rubbed against my face, leaving few drops on my face.Ah! She read my mind and after a long time I smiled. She smiled too knowing that she won a soulless heart! That I got to know the next morning.

Today when I woke, I ran out opened the door wanting to see her again. But was met by my old friend the Sun and his fashionably designed friends blue sky and his out of shape team of clouds."I loved it, I said". "No way", he said. "You never love her, the rain"? and "when did this exactly happen", he asked. And I said,
"Yesterday, the rain...when she came".