Wednesday, 20 May 2009

I'd like to

I'd like to wake up one dawn and watch the sun rise,

Feel the cool breeze pass through my hands,

And listen to the song of the birds,

Flying pass the blue skies.

I'd like to wake up to the music of the soul,

Where my thoughts are as clear as water stream,

and my heart away from all doubts and grief,

Knowing that all around me is happy and well.

I'd like to wake up to a noiseless world,

where I have to not hear,

of loss, pain, struggle or fear.

And people living their lives and helping the world.

I'd like to close my eyes to the Dusk,

Believing tomorrow when I arise,

I'd see again the beautiful sunrise,

An thus complete my life with love and trust.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Cacophony Channels

Ever thought how much of noise is created when a person talks. Yes, I call the very human expression of talking noise. Why? The answer is that in a given span of time we talk and use words that does not relate to either the question asked or the situation even.

Try recollecting, when was the lastime you were asked,"why you dreaming"? and your answer was, NOTHING and then you stop and say... actually I was day dreaming? So the word nothing was unnecessary and to the question asked to you, the answer should have been just YES!

Well, to a person like me, who likes to get to the point this can get pretty annoying. Not that I am an exception to using words aptly but I hardly talk. But my point here is why do we have to talk out so many words at one given time just to make communication and understanding turn from complex to complicated, which by far are different by nature.

We try so hard to explain the most simple things and actions in life in so many words that the essence of the exact communication get's lost. And in today's world where we have many a medium of communication channels, we truly loose our mind, time and energy to it. I agree that these technologies have made our live's easy but complicated as well.

At one given time I communicate to this friend of mine via sms or chat or mail or facebook or orkut... I have so many options to reach a person. But at times I somehow feel lost. As much as communication channel's have made my life easy and more accessable with of course pre defined and illustrated expressions of hugs and kisses, nothing actually nothing can beat the joy of talking and meeting our loved ones face to face.

So where was I? Talking too many words or using too many communicative channels does affect our relationships. I'm not stating that you should never express your thoughts or feelings in words or stop being tech-saavy but in both cases know your limit and choice.

Too many words can mislead you and too many channels can bore you...just like how I have become tired of too many words...somehow has all turned to something I connote Cacophony Channels of communication, where there is present just noice and distortion but all sounding sweet,ezee,suave and God knows how in the world COOL!!!