Thursday, 19 February 2009

Degree of emotion- Part II

I've often wondered why does God web in people of similar traits into my life. Firslty, I believe in God. Secondly I'm not complaining about the wonderful people I presently am wondering about.
The trait being to talk. The simple 4 letter word. I have often thought, contemplated, talked over a million seconds to each of them and have not yet succeeded. Be it family or friend... None will talk about the talk... Just like any human being a assume
a) I'm not too close to them (sounds childish)
b) Probably I'm not giving enough space and time (thats what I usually think)
c) Probably I'm not a great listener
d) Probably I'm not the right person he/she should be sharing her problems with....
e) Im mad and so are my thoughts!
But then I realise, when Im in some deep shit... whom do i actually approach. Well, Im a little better off from all of them. I will call and will talk about everthing else except what is actually worrying me....
hahahahahah! am I better than them or slightly worst.
But since I love them, I dont usually give up. With some I land up fighting and with most of them I land up saying, " FORGET IT". Those are my favourite words.( Swthrt, u will swear on these two words)

And still I try to figure out no matter how close we are, no matter how many moments and years we have spent togther, grown in and out, laughed and fought together and swear that we are the closest buddies and that we cannot live without the other, yet we keep our problems to ourselves...

Im not sure how far any person can talk out whatever is there in their heart. Even me for that matter... Are we scared or do we think it weakens us...
Oh! man the degree of this emotion can never be decoded....


I Wish if only...
I had the time to clearly think,
I had the time to blink.
I had the time to slowly walk,
I had the time to openly talk.

I Wish if only...
I had the time to listen,
I had the time to just whistle.
I had the time to write,
And to decide what is right.

I wish if only...
I had the time to realise I was wrong,
I had the time to realise I did not stand strong.
I wish I had the time to say a lot of them I'm sorry,
I wish I had the time to stop and say, Buddy! Don't Worry!

I Wish if only...
I had the time to know when I was happy,
I had the time to stop gathering all the world's money.
I had the time to say good bye for ever,
I had the time to realise some things remain never.

I wish if only...
I had the time to take a U turn,
and undo the mistakes that I have done.
I had the time to tell today and now,
How much I owe to the one's who love me & I love.

I wish if only...
I had the Time to sit and plan,
And not chase dreams like a headless swan.
I had the time to go on a Holiday,
sometime alone and sometimes faraway.

I wish if only...
I had the time and all the answers
of heart break, jealousy and the mystery to understand death
Even death has a time,
Oh! brother... if only there was time... time..
that which waits for none..

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Never Forever

Life is mysterious,
So have written many poets.
From Birth to Death,
is all, but a play of Time and Breath.

First comes day and then night,
With it comes second, minute and endless hours.
All becoming a web full of life,
with voices of people alive.

They are so real,
So much that we all dwell,
we love and care,
during their times of happiness, love and despair.

Love! Oh! We Live for Love
Breathe for and in Love
Hold hands in Love
Sing for Love
Cry even for and in Love

so much power has this love
Once it makes you fly as a dove
Next it breaks your heart
and questions your very existence on this earth.

Love and Life, Life and Love
one cannot live without the other
But it is mere mortal who can never gather,
That in one's lifetime...
Love and Life both are never forever

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Never Mind World- Degree of my emotion

Why would I quote my heading, "Never Mind World", a statement used in innumerable situations mixed with God knows what degree of emotion. Do I sound tired, disgusted and fed up with this world I live in.... Neither Agree nor Disagree.

Now do I sound stupid and do you see my writing like a headless chicken running hither and thither... So what are you getting at Deeps?

Well there are a lot if Never Minds I would like to state(rather confess) from the time I can recall listening to this..It goes like this...i wont number them as it may just go on... Its a confession remember

Never Mind Child you can walk
Never Mind Child if you can't talk
Never Mind Child if you can't run (I was a really chubby and healthy kid, you see)
Never Mind Child if you have not won (I was bad in sports)

Never Mind Child if you have failed (I was miserable in Maths... Scared the shit out of me.. even now)
Never Mind Child if they call you a dud (I was big time)
Never Mind Child if they you are not into MPC
Never Mind Child you don't get an MNC vacancy (I proved them all wrong... I did)

Never mind Child, if you have lost the person you LOVE
Never mind Child, one day you will again find LOVE (Never have understood this though!)
Never mind Child, one day you will not fail and never make a mistake(Oh! common stop kidding'...then I'd say)
Never mind Child, if you are a GIRL (I've heard enough and more of this!)

Never mind Child, if you, if you.... and so the list goes on....

Actually the degree of my emotion is negative... Even though the lines may sound positive and hopeful they are not. For there is always the other one who is better than me...
I don't believe it. Coz there is none like me. Am I pacifying myself?

You could say that... But that's the truth. The Bible says... We are all unique... and made in the image and etc....I'm not preaching, but there is a certain amount of truth in these words you know.

Oh! For Christ Sakes... Our finger prints are not the same neither is our DNA... Then why this situation...why do i need to be better than him or her or some aunty's son or daughter...
that's when I say....