Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Orkut'n' Facebook... 'A new reach and read me'

So, Face book is the (present) old wine in a new skin totally... Oh! well, don't get me wrong. It is a good community. Actually way better than orkut, I totally agree.
FB(as they call) has a variety of quizzes and sites within it and comes out with many more in a day's span.
What amuses me... is the message status. The way people express the state of mind and heart.
Sometimes they are funny, some thought provoking, some just time pass, some just blah blah. And you have an option to like/unlike and comment to their response.
5 years down the lane did I ever see this happen. You just write what you are thinking and living and your friends read and within a few seconds there is a reply. The speed at which the present world's communication works, is a superlative to awesome(if there is any...).
Another amazing truth of FB... you can find anyone and everyone...
I was so happy to find my long last school friends... Well some in Hyd, some really out of Hyd.
Well, i guess every person who must have discovered their friends would agree with me... I have often told myself.. Internet is good... is good... when U get to meet them... especially orkut and FB.
I bet the owners must be earning millions...But then definitely they have given me back more than what money can ever buy....
A free, faster way of to reach and keep in touch, I totally Love it..
Apart from all the quiz's that FB has... some are sensible.... the rest like I say... NO COMMENTS