Wednesday, 16 March 2011

I hope against the hopeless

It doesn't go beyond this,
The wait along the road of both pain and loss.
I'm afraid I have forgotten your voice,
I admit it is not the result of a choice.

Until yesterday I felt your presence
But now this moment, I fear and listen to dead silence
I close my eyes to see you face,
That beautiful smile and endless grace, but,

All I see is darkness,
My heart hits the gut of emtiness,
It breaks my heart and soul,
Wondering whether I have lost you at all.

Time, I hear her say, move on, love,
But I fight and disagree to believe it at all.
No, I say and scream in silence,
Not accepting that I have no more of your touch and guidance.

I wish not that this happened,
I wish not that you ever left.
I hope against the hopeless.
Knowing the yearning for you to come back is worthless.

1 comment:

Srinidhi said...

Made me cry :) :) beautiful. :)