Friday, 25 March 2011

why' to the 'how'

My mind is blank,
yet the yearning to pen down what I feel,
seems so urgent, that I do not know,
what to write, neither do I know 'why' to the 'how' I feel.

Words, no right words, crosses my mind,
To express the way I feel for and about, you,
'coz, you have changed my world,
the day and night, from the hour to second.

I have changed, yes, I have,
I feel different, so, much, that I don't know me anymore.
So much for the rhyme and reason, being love,
Love, is it love, I question?

I see you, yet, have to see you?
I feel you, yet, have I to feel you?
I love you, yet, do I love you more, than,
than the word, love, love itself, do I?

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