Saturday, 5 February 2011

Oh! Hyderabad, why do you still ‘Hyd’?

So, what’s the gender of God again? Male or female! And again if so like we believe, God is love…. So what gender is love again? If we are not quite sure of the above two, the obvious next question is why opposites should always and must attract, by law (Who made the law?). And why can’t we have a ‘not opposite partner to love and make love’?

Sounds complicated? Well, the way the world has coined love and its relationships come under the same umbrella. We are all aware of the ultimate truth that we all possess unique DNA and that our feelings, emotions and understandings vary according to this design. Still we fail to accept few universal realities, one being that, there are people living in this world who for love’s sake (Damn the blind cupid) fall in love with people of the same sex.

India, as a country is not new to this concept. Dig a little into history and you will be only taken by surprise that kings and queens had ‘keep’ majority being of the same sexual category. So, why this hue and cry about the existence of lesbian or gay individuals on this phase of the earth? Genetic is a funny thing, but people are capable of feeling masculine or feminine at the same time. Well, when I mention people, it includes you and me as well. In every one of us there exists masculine and feminine sexuality. When one dominates the other, we behave differently. That’s when a girl tends to be tom boyish and guys shy like a lady. And the other reason being that they choose to like people of the same sex, it may become the outcome of some incident that has resulted in a rather bad taste during the whole episode.
Still in spite of this awareness, they are mocked, rejected and are ridiculed. With all greatness and pride I have of the city I live, still Hyderabad, ‘Hyd’s’ away. The city we live proclaims itself to be tolerant and is welcoming with open alms the metrosexual man and the fashionable ‘diva’ women. It’s great the way the country, the state and city, the families have changed their thought about bonding relationships outside the community. A long way has come, but why do we hesitate to accept the other person’s choice.

I believe every person has rights, various rights, but what I don’t agree is that we have the right to point our fingers, judge and defy any person for any matter. For a minute I want you to just take a look at yourself-who are you? What are you? What has been made out of you? Just that you have everything normal does not give you and me the reason to judge anybody. Leave alone judgments, some of our decisions, choice in lives, if only it comes out of our respective closets may actually stink and be so shallow like a decaying skeleton. Did these words hurt you? When anybody questions our character, our thoughts, actions and decisions, we fight back with every ounce of life and energy in us.

Shift your thought to these guys, who also live and love like us, how much more do you think it would hurt? I’m not rounding up sympathy here. Get a little empathetic here! They already have quite a many challenges to face. To accept the fact who they are! At least some of them have the guts to face the fact and accept the fact what their identity is all about. Some of us ‘perfect being’ are living in a constant illusion of a life that we are blinded by all the realities of our being. Their constant challenge of finding a ‘true love’! Tell me how different is this endless search from them? Love is all what we need and love is all what we have and can give. Doesn’t half of the world just fight for this? Even they do, which is perfectly normal. Another reason that explains we are all equal.
Every individual’s ardent desire is to live a life with ‘the person they love’. So since when did ‘love this person’ become gender based? Imagine if the rule that every man has to marry the opposite was never a rule at all, do you think the question of, “I’m straight or I’m not”, would even exist? I don’t really think. Rules, traditions and society who created them and defined the laws for them? We-the people, and as time changes, all the above factors evolve. You will be surprised we are all the results of evolution and will forever be. Rewind a decade back and look into you standard of being and compare it with the present. Haven’t you evolved materialistically, financially and even in style and thought? You have evolved from letter to emails and so and so forth. You have evolved into spreading your boundaries and opening the doors to welcome a new tradition and language into your threshold, then why not this? Don’t you think it is time to really look at that wall, we have all built against people who have decided to live the way they want, tumble down. It’s a risk! Tell me the relationship you and I live, what levels of risk do we face, almost similar? Divorce and live-in relationship are becoming the norm of the day, what levels of risk are we facing here? How do we react to these questions?

Love has no language, emotion has no tradition, expression has no physical outline. Then why is that we define people and their choices of life in boxes and right and wrong.

Let’s not put a fight against them. Let’s not shut them out from our lives and the society. Let us find a way of letting them in, by accepting them. If we push and force them to get into a ‘normal relationship’, we will be taking part in a crime. Yes! We will be murdering their root of life by their throat into forcing them into an unwanted relationship against the will and wish of people. And if you point out saying, this is not natural, I’d like to pose a question, is being natural, being right? Or what is the definition of being natural? Natural means to be original’ you and I are original as there is none like you and me. And if we are natural and original why do we again compare or analyze what and who is right?
Again I’ll boil down to another question. Is happiness more important than tradition? All I have known is we celebrate traditions and it’s an just an extension of getting together and enjoying moments beautiful and full of love with your near and dear one’s. Imagine if we could just open up and be surrounded by pure love and people in love, we will all live in peace. We are in the 21st century, every rule we are breaking and creating, why not this. Why not just this! Accept them, allow them to breathe, walk and talk with us.

Let them enjoy the beauty of this life, live the rhythm of everyday and sway in the music of its moment. They have hearts and they have the heart to love, cherish and live. I would love to quote "Love looks not with the eyes but with the mind "- a quote of Shakespeare’s famous , A Midsummer Night's Dream . Of all the war’s we have faced and fought, this indeed is a war of acceptance from a blindness will either makes all of us or break all us in the coming days. You may think I must me living in an illusion and a dreamer but friends, this is the truth I have accepted them to be normal people like you and me. My heart goes out to them and I really hope they find their freedom and in the due course find your meaning and face to face reality of who and what you are.

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